With a vast experience of 14 years, Snehal Bhuta is a veteran in the banking and finance industry.

Being a part of Amplus Mortgage Consultants, she has instilled values that are vital to any company’s growth such as humility, aspiration, and analytical thinking. She has also branched out on her roles by being a leader and an exemplary entrepreneur to inspire everyone on her team. Her experience and knowledge in the field is only a feather in the cap to her other qualities including problem solving, customer service and others.

Leaders are meant for change. And that is exactly what Snehal stands for. She exudes professionalism and leadership to inspire her fellow employees so that the growth of the company is manifold. Her community is moulded by her core values which revolves around putting the customer first.

Snehal Bhuta (Snehaal Bhuta) is the personification of what a good leader should be and Amplus is a testament to that!